Welcome to the Slough Outreach web page!

What is Slough Outreach?

Slough Outreach – Homeless Project is people’s initiative, set up to help the homeless and vulnerable people in Slough and Windsor.
We provide hot meal, warm clothes, care & support to the homeless and the less fortunate people in our town, raising awareness of the issue of homelessness in Slough, Windsor and UK. 

We have access to medical care support and we also signpost people to services offered by the local authority and other great organisations in the area.

Our volunteers are able to escort our service users to attend their appointments and offer Advocacy Service* – Professional one to one Independent Advocacy to support someone with a specific issue or issues.

*Advocacy in Slough is a service provided by independent organisations, working in partnership to provide a range of independent advocacy services to people of Slough.

 Follow the links to see what services are in place for the rough sleepers by the local authorities; Slough Council and  Windsor

See here for help for Addiction Support 

Homeless or at risk ? 

What to do if you are at risk of homelessness and information about the council's strategy.  Advice, help and prevention from www.slough.gov.uk

 The Story of Slough Outreach

After some research & training to see if the need existed, this included taking part in a ‘Sleep-Out’ to raise money for night shelter with a local charity and the MP of Slough, Tan Dhesi, we launched our project on Monday 18th December 2017 with the help of a group of kind compassionate volunteers, serving hot meals and providing warm cloths to the homeless and vulnerable in Slough and Windsor. Within weeks we had successfully co-ordinated a 7day homeless outreach by promoting and networking with other groups, charities to make sure hot meal is made available for the homeless and vulnerable people in our society, serving Slough & some evenings in Windsor.


We are passionate volunteers, wanting to change the lives of those the society has forgotten by providing hot food, warm clothes and much needed care & support with love.

Since starting our outreach in Slough and Windsor, we have come in contact with lots of kind and charitable people with such good hearts  it's so nice to see there are so many selfless volunteers wanting to get involved to serve humanity


We are currently working on the streets of Slough and Windsor in Berkshire and we occasionally visit other group sessions as advocates and are very much based in the community.

If anyone wants to get involved in any way, want to help us to help the homeless or just want to have a cup of coffee to learn more about what we do, please make contact 

Thank you!  

Shin Dhother

M: 07832 442424 

E-Mail: info@sloughoutreach.org


7 Day Service for the Homeless

Monday: 7pm High St. opposite HSBC Bank - Nishkam S.W.A.T 

Tuesday:  7pm High St. opposite Cinema - Langar Aid

Wednesday: 7pm High St. opposite HSBC - Nishkam S.W.A.T

Thursday:  7pm 53 Stoke Rd SL2 5BW - Salvation Army

Friday:  6pm Scout Hut, Upton Court Rd  - OKR

Saturday:  7pm High St. opposite HSBC Bank - SYF

Sunday: 10am  SloughHigh Street - Slough Outreach

Sunday: 2:30pm  St. Mary's Church - London Slough Run

Sunday: 7pm 53 Stoke Road SL2 5BW - Salvation Army

Mon - Fri: 9:30 - 13:30 74 Ragstone Rd - SHOC (Day Centre)

Saturday: 11:00 - 14:30 74 Ragstone Rd - SHOC (Day Centre)

Tues - Fri: 10:30 - 13:00  53 Stoke Road - Salvation Army (Drop-In)